Having at least some investment real estate in your portfolio (if possible) has always been a good financial decision. It is hard to say if investment in commercial real estate has ever been a better decision than it is today. And right now, our team is seeing one of the hottest real estate markets North of Boston, that we’ve seen in recent memory.

Low-interest rates and residual income have always been the smart long-term play when it comes to real estate investment.  And with recent inflation, commercial real estate is one of the only vehicles you can invest in that will provide you with appreciation as well as depreciation and a hedge against inflation.

Recent deals completed by Burnham Real Estate

Burnham Real Estate recently sold a gorgeous six-unit apartment building north of Boston, in one day for $1.4 Million. The stunning location is perfect for tenets and investors, sitting right next to a lake and a local park. The location is superb for a long-term investment property hold. This location will attract excellent tenants and command high rental prices.

Earlier in the year, our team also sold land in Wilmington for a new apartment building development.  The buyer wisely paid cash and had no contingencies at closing, including closing before permits were in hand. We were proud to do our part to make this deal come together.

Finally, we also sold 4.2 acres of land in Wilmington for a spectacular condominium development. The developer paid the real estate taxes on the property while also permitting the property.

If you are thinking about selling your commercial real estate, please call David Burnham at 781 665 8400 today.