Burnham Real Estate: Generations of commercial property knowledge

Burnham Real Estate is owned and operated by David Burnham, a third-generation commercial real estate professional. While the current version of Burnham Real Estate was founded in 1998, the Burnham family has been in the commercial property business for three generations starting in the 1950s.

David grew up in the commercial real estate business having his father and grandfather as close mentors. At an early age, he was learning the ins and outs of the commercial property business and he brings those years of knowledge to every client he serves.David Burnham

Present day, David prides himself on getting to know each property intimately as well as being selective in the projects he takes on. He wants to ensure that Burnham Real Estate can serve every client with the time and dedication they deserve. And he wants to make sure the projects he chooses to work on have a high probability of success as well as chances for long term growth in the real estate market.

It is important to point out that Burnham Real Estate only focuses on the commercial market. While many firms focus on both residential and commercial, our expertise lies in the commercial property market. That allows us to stay focused on what we know and to create a proven plan for success for your project.

David Burnham and his team bring a street-smart approach with common sense to every project. He knows every square mile of the area he serves and has built tremendous relationships and local connections that can only benefit you the real estate client. The relationships that David has built over the years add tremendous value to your projects and long-term vision.

David and his team have been responsible for the sale of properties ranging from $350.000 to $36 million during his time in the business. He has provided custom site services for two of the largest multifamily developers in the United States. Burnham Real Estate has also served as the retail brokerage for some of the most well-known brands in the country including foodservice and retail.

The famed sale of the Stations Landing property in Medford was represented by David, who brought the buyer to the table, and his team. A deal that sold for $36 Million. David has also helped put together many other profitable projects together for clients including a specialty in finding land for developers and investors.

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